Fr Peter Mary Mermier (The Founder)
Mother Claudine Echernier, 1801-1869
(The Foundress)
The Native House of Mother Claudine Echernier
This cross dates back to the first mission given at Chavanod in 1848. On this site stood the church and the old cemetery.
Bishop Linus Nirmal Gomes
Bishop Emeritus of Baruipur Diocese.
Bp. Salvador Lobo
Rev. Shyamal Bose

History of Our School

The Congregation of the Sisters of the Cross was founded by Mother Claudine Echernier and Father Peter Mermier in 1838 at Chavanod in France, in the 19th century. As a result of the French Revolution, ignorance, misery and poverty prevailed. The deplorable situation of the young girls touched the heart of Mother Claudine Echernier. Strengthened by the love of Christ who gave his life for the salvation of all and inspired by the courage of Mother Mary at the foot of the Cross, Mother Claudine involved herself in eradicating ignorance and misery. With the support of Fr. Peter Mermier, Mother started this congregation, dedicated to serve the needy and to educate the youth to transform the society.

Animated by the apostolic zeal of the Founders, in less than 50 years after the foundation of our Congregation, the Sisters of the Cross, with undaunted courage, crossed frontiers to respond to the calls of the Church in Switzerland and India.

In the year 1886 the sisters of the Cross came to India and began the same work of eradicating ignorance and misery. In the year 1985 the Sisters of the Cross was invited to Baruipur, by the then Bishop of Baruipur, Rt. Rev. Bishop Linus Gomes to continue the same work of eradicating ignorance misery. Thus was born Holy Cross School, Baruipur in the year 1994 as a beacon of light to the people in and around Baruipur. It accommodates children from every walk of life without any discrimination of Caste, creed, language etc. the spirit of venturing forth to proclaim the Good News to unknown countries, particularly in Africa and Latin America, continued throughout the 20th century. Today we are present in 15 countries France, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Cango, Tanzania, Nepal, Holy Land, Camerou, Peru, Colombia, Kenya, United States, Ecuador and 4 continents.

"We look upon humanity and the entire creation with love, respect and hope, trying to find there in the Father's love which is always at work."

Mission & Vision

Nurturing persons to be well integrated who in turn become agents of societal change.

Empowered by the self emptying love of God and inspired by our Mother Foundress Claudine Echemier, we, the Sisters of the Cross envision a just and harmonious society where all people live life in its fullness.


Let Your Light Shine

The final outcome of our Education pattern is to help our students to shine forth the love of God by being lovable to all. And we wish our students to understand it well and to grow towards. All the knowledge that they gain in the school should help them to form a better society, by sharing and caring for one another.


Our goal is to form persons of CHARACTER, CONSCIENCE, COMPASSION, COMMITMENT AND COMPETENCE, who having been enabled to face the challenges of life in the changing scenario are sensitive to the needs of the poor and the marginalized and evolve as dynamic transcendent leaders of tomorrow.