Sr. Elsy John
Principal of Holy Cross School.

Message from Principal

The new session has just begun with new thoughts, new strength and new determinations and I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you all to academic session 2019 - 2020.

As I stood in the assembly ground on the first day of the session with my students and staff all around me, I saw a blank wall standing tall before me. Although it was my imagination, I was taken aback a little, and then I heard someone within me whispering, “Give your children crayons or water colours or paints they will do the rest.” Soon my imagination turned very colourful and creative.

Yes, Education can be compared to a great big canvas and what we need to do as parents/guardians/teachers/ is to allow our children to throw as many shades of colour as they can on the canvas of their education.

This year too, I am sure my children will throw themselves into their academic rhythm, they will make the best use of the opportunities that they are offered and they will paint their goals that they aspire to. I believe if they continue with their efforts they will give wings to their goals.

Their education is sound, creative and innovative and HCS, together with the parents and the students themselves, will help to make this a reality.

The teachers at HCS will take action and help the students to achieve their academic, sporting, cultural and life-long learning. However, the students themselves will have to take action to pave their education. My young students must realize that they cannot merely sit back and expect the School to do everything for them - they are realizing the importance of self-motivation and are ready to help themselves.

Today, I stand here to appeal to all my young children: Help yourselves! Make the most of the fantastic educational opportunities that you have. Throw as much paint as you can on to the canvas of your education this year. You Can Do That. One day, you will be in a position to respond to the pleas of others who may need your help!

May I take this opportunity to thank the teachers for their continuous professionalism, excellence and dedication. It is your teaching and motivation in the classroom that will help to create a year that is bright with embraced opportunities.

This is my goal which I aspire to see through your eyes as the year at HCS commences! Let's continue to work together to help each other to give our best to the world!

Holy Cross School,