School Uniform

  1. The school uniform is a sacred and prized possession of a student. It symbolizes the ethos and culture of the school, of which the student is an integral part. Any violation of its sanctity calls for firm disciplinary action such as suspension, termination etc. Visit to restaurants, cinema, multiplexes and other public places etc. in school uniform is a serious breach of discipline inviting action. Hair coloring, using styling gel and fashionable hair clips, applying mehandi are not allowed in school. Students who have begun to shave must have a clean shaven face.
  2. Whenever the complete or correct uniform cannot be worn, permission to attend school must be obtained on the Regularity Record under 'Uniform'. Uniform is compulsory for school activities, both curricular and co-curricular. Defaulters may be penalized or sent back home and an entry will be made in the diary.
  3. Parents must ensure that the dress they wear is clean, ironed well and well fitting. The dress must be changed from time to time as children grow up and out grow their dresses.
  4. To ensure Uniformity, the uniform must be obtained from the authorized school tailor. No other shade of pattern will be permitted.
  5. Specification of the School Uniform:

    Pre-Primary Section:

    Boys: (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday) Red Colour Trousers, Red Striped Shirt with school logo, Red Socks, Black Shoe, Red Striped Belt & Tie.
    (On Wednesday) White Trousers, White Shirt with school logo, White Socks, White canvas Shoe, Red Belt & Tie.

    Girls: (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday) Red Striped Frock with school logo, Red Socks with two stripes, Black Shoe.
    (On Wednesday) White pleated Skirt, White Shirt with school logo, White Socks, White canvas Shoe, Red Belt & Tie.

    Winter Season: Red full sleeve sweater with school logo and Red Cap & Navy Blue colour full sleeve Blazer with school logo.

    Primary to Higher Secondary Section:

    Boys: (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday) Navy Blue Trousers / Pant, Blue Striped Shirt with school logo, Blue Socks with two stripes, Black Shoe, Blue Striped Belt & Tie.
    (On Wednesday) White Trousers / Pant, House-wise T-Shirt with school logo, White Socks, White Canvas Shoe.

    Girls: (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday) Navy Blue pleated Skirt, Blue striped short sleeve shirt with school logo, Blue Socks with two stripes, Black Shoe & Blue Striped Belt.
    (On Wednesday) White Pleated Skirt, House-wise T-Shirt with school logo, White Socks, White Canvas Shoe.

    Winter Season: Blue colour half sleeve sweater, Navy Blue colour full sleeve Blazer with school logo.

    Senior Secondary Section:

    Boys: (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday) Grey colour Full pant, Brown checked Shirt, Grey Socks, Black Shoe, Grey striped belt & Tie.
    (On Wednesday) White colour Full Pant, House-wise T-Shirt with school logo, White Socks, White canvas Shoe, Grey striped belt.

    Girls: (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday) Churidar with Grey colour bottom and Brown checked Top, Grey colour dupatta, Grey Socks, Black Shoe.
    (On Wednesday) White colour churidar with dupatta, White Socks & White canvas Shoe.

    Winter Season: Blue colour half sleeve sweater, Navy Blue colour full sleeve Blazer with school logo.

  6. The above specifications regarding uniform must be strictly adhered to by parents and students. No one is allowed any liberty in this regard.

School Fees : (See Fee Books)

  1. The School fees cover twelve calendar months. No deduction is made for holidays or broken periods. Students are liable to be charged full fees as long as their names are officially on the rolls. Fees once paid will not be refunded. All dues must be paid before the Final Assessment.
  2. Fees are taken quarterly. However, fees for the entire year or for the term may be paid.
  3. Due dates for fees are clearly mentioned in the Fee book. Please pay your fees on time and avoid our unpleasant situation.
  4. Fee book should be produced while collecting the Report card on Purchase of books and for T.C.
  5. The school reserves the right to increase the fees at any time of the year if an increment is considered necessary. Ten Percent annual increase in the tuition fee or any other is normal.

Examination And Promotion

  1. There are altogether 4 Exams and averages of all the 4 exams are calculated and promotion is decided.
  2. Weightage of marks will be as follows:
  3. VI-XIINur-V
    Unit Test - 1Maximum Marks2010
    Half Yearly ExamMaximum Marks8040
    Unit Test - 2Maximum Marks2010
    AnnualMaximum Marks8040
  4. The pass mark for each subject is 40% and n average of 50% for to be obtained for promotion.
  5. Promotion at the end of the year will be based on attendance, continuous Assessment in every subject, work done during the year and the overall conduct record.
  6. Unit Tests and Half Yearly Exams are important part of the continuous assessment for the progress of the student. The answer scripts of these tests, duly evaluated, are handed over to the student, to be taken home, signed by the parents and kept in a separate Test File at home. A student is expected to enter his marks in the relevant columns of Achievement Record in his school calendar.
  7. No examination or Class test will be held for absentees before or after the scheduled time.
  8. Students whose attendance is below 85% of the working days may not be eligible to appear for the Annual Examination.
  9. Answer scripts of the Annual Examinations are not shown. The result declared at the end of the year is final and is not subject to reconsideration.
  10. The school does not undertake to retain answer scripts of candidates for more than 60 days.
  11. In all questions of promotion or failure, the Principal's decision is final.

Co-Curricular Activities

  1. House System: The school is divided into four houses: Blue; Yellow; Red; Green. All activities in school are organized according to the houses. Students are expected to participate actively in the house system.
  2. The school also organizes various inter-school co-curricular activities such as debate, speech competition, essay writing contest, elocution, painting, singing, music, drawing, quiz, cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, science exhibition to mention a few.
  3. Parents are requested to encourage the students to participate as it leads to personality development and personal integrations.
  4. Physical Training is compulsory for all the students.
  5. Any student desiring to be exempted from P.T. or games must produce a doctor's certificate to the effect that he/she is physically unfit to take part, also it should be written in the school diary duly signed by the parent and authorized by the Principal.
  6. School also conducts various National Level Competition. Children are encouraged to participate in these competitions. For participation in such competitions, Registration Fees is a must. This Registration Fee is non-refundable.

Characteristics of a Holy Cross Student

  1. Polite, friendly and well-behaved in and outside the school.
  2. Honest and truthful, whatever may be the cost.
  3. Cheerful at every work and responsibility given. Faces difficulties with courage and determination.
  4. Greets parents, teachers and elders whenever he/she meet them.
  5. Takes good care of his own property as well as the belongings of the school and others.
  6. Bold enough to say "No" when asked to do a thing which he/she knows to be wrong.
  7. Respect classmates and other students in the school.
  8. Wastes no water, electricity, time.
  9. Keeps the Holy Cross campus clean and environment friendly.
  10. Always kind and compassionate to the poor & needy, animals & plants.
  11. Honest and thought at all times.
  12. Kind & compassionate always to the poor, needy, animals & plants.

Rules of Conduct and Discipline

  1. All students are expected to line up in silence for the assembly at the sound of the first bell. After the assembly, they should disperse in silence to their classes.
  2. No student should leave the school premises during class hours without the knowledge and permission of the Principal.
  3. Children will not be allowed to leave School during School hours for any appointment. Parents are advised to fix these appointments after school hours. For a genuine reason / emergency a written request from his / her parents should be submitted and due authorization from the Principal or Vice-Principal to be obtained.
  4. Children will not be allowed early exit on assessment / examination days.
  5. Any damage to school property will have to be made good. The decision of the Principal regarding the amount is final.
  6. The school is not responsible for personal goods lost. Students should not carry or wear valuable articles when coming to school.
    Earrings : Only simple studs with single piercing. Applying Mehandi, coloured earrings, long nails or colouring of nails will not be accepted.
  7. No students suffering from a contagious or infectious disease will be permitted to attend school. After recovery, a medical certificate is to be submitted along with an application.
  8. During school hours, students are not allowed to receive visitors or make phone calls or answer phone calls. If the matter is very urgent, the message will be given.
  9. All students should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed. They are expected to come in uniform everyday. They should keep their nails short and clean.
  10. Boys are expected not to keep long hair. Girls are expected to use black hair band (if the hair is short) or black ribbon if the hair is long.
  11. Attending school with hair sprays, nail polish and friendship bands are not allowed.
  12. Parents and guardians are not allowed to see their children or interview teachers during school hours. Teachers can be interviewed between 2 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. on every Friday and third Friday of the month.
  13. Early Departure : It is availed of when there is an emergency at home or when a student gets sick in the school. It is not granted to those who come sick from home. This too must be recorded in the relevant page of the school calendar.
  14. In case a child falls sick/meets with an accident in the school premises, he can be helped with immediate first aid only. The parents will be informed and they are expected to come and attend to the student immediately. It is important to give the correct contact numbers in the diary and update it whenever there is a change in the contact numbers and address of the parents.
  15. Late arrival to school is a breach of discipline. A student who comes late to school must enter the date and time of arrival into the Regularity Record under "Late". Five late arrivals will result in Parents being called to the office of the Principal / Vice Principal / Asst. Principal, after which that student is given an observation for every late arrival.
  16. Daily requirements and Tiffin have to be brought to school by the students. No items will be accepted at the school counter or gate.
  17. Students should be particularly careful not to throw paper or fruit peels any where in the school premises. They should use the bins provided for that purpose.
  18. Students are to address their teachers and all members of the School Staff with due respect and politeness. Arrogant and challenging behaviour towards teaching or non-teaching staff is forbidden. On their way to and from school, students must behave in a gentlemanly manner. Any behaviour that may bring disrepute to the school must be avoided. A student who indulges in inappropriate behaviour may be suspended or even dismissed.
  19. Articles found in school or in its premises are to be handed over to the office.
  20. Students should at all cost avoid writing, carving and scratching on walls and furniture. Such habits are detrimental to good education and are a sign of low taste.
  21. Parents send their children to this school so that they may be proficient in English. In the school premises all are expected to speak only in English.
  22. Principal's permission is required :
    1. to make a collection for any purpose whatever.
    2. to arrange for a party, picnic or meeting.
    3. to join a sports meet or to play a game not arranged by the school.
    4. to give presents to teachers or state displays in their honour.
  23. In view of achieving the required number of working days as prescribed by the CISCE, the affiliating body, unscheduled holidays will be made up with classes on holidays as and when required.

For Parents / Guardians

  1. Parents retain their rights and duties in the education of their children. The support and collaboration of parents is in all cases considered indispensable for the success of the work of education carried out by the school.
  2. Parents' POSITIVE COOPERATION with the school is absolutely essential for the constructive upbringing of their son/ward. They are strongly exhorted to co-operate with the school:
    1. By urging their wards to be regular and punctual in attendance.
    2. By checking the School diary on a regular basis.
    3. By seeing that their wards are diligent at their homework and lessons.
    4. By not engaging private tutors without consulting the school authorities.
    5. By insisting on neatness and cleanliness in their books and personal appearance.
    6. By occasionally meeting the Principal / Vice Principal / Asst. Principal / Teachers to discuss the progress of their wards by being prompt in responding to parent call.
  3. Periodical reports, and the Report Card, will keep parents / guardians informed of the progress of their wards.
  4. Parents/Guardians who come to school must behave respectfully and with dignity of a refined person. They must speak politely to the staff of the school and must be seated in the parlour or space provided for this purpose. They must patiently wait for their opportunity to complete the purpose for which they have come.
  5. Ordinarily communication with parents / guardians is made through the School Diary. On the last day of every month, the School Calendar should be checked by the Parents and signed with the word “CHECKED”. Parents must check the diary daily for communications from school.
  6. Parents are requested to enforce regularity and discipline. They are requested to see that their children prepare their lessons daily.
  7. Any communication (request or complaint) made by a parent should be addressed to the Principal and not to the Class Teacher. When thus, communicating with the Principal, parents are requested to mention in their letter the name and the class (with section) of their children.
  8. No visitors (parents or others) are allowed to see the students or interview their teachers during the class hours. All business will be transacted in the office.
  9. Though the school takes all possible care of your ward/son while in school, the school cannot and will not be held responsible for any self inflicted or accidental mishap or injury whether physical or otherwise that may befall your son/ward.
  10. After school hours, students are not allowed to remain around the school campus without special permission, and it is the parents' responsibility to ensure they go back home and engage themselves in studies and constructive activities. The School takes no responsibility for students after school hours and it is the parents' duty to take care of your son/ward from the moment he leaves the school campus.
  11. Parent-teachers meetings are very important and these should be attended regularly.
  12. The school does not own or organize transport facility. Parents must see that those who operate transport respect the school schedule, look after the physical safety of the students and do not cause emotional and moral violation of the students.
  13. The Principal reserves the right to take disciplinary action as she may deem necessary.
  14. We welcome constructive criticisms. We feel happy when parents take interest in the running of the institution and point out our drawbacks. Without regular feedback from the parents, it will be difficult for us to improve. It will be better to send the complaint, if any, to the Principal and not to the teachers.
  15. All communication to the school should be addressed to the Principal.

Library Rules

  1. Strict silence and order must be observed by all in the library.
  2. Students should keep in mind that "Reading maketh a full man". All should develop the habit of reading, and not fly from book to book but read systematically and thoughtfully, so that the information will be extensive, accurate and useful.
  3. Certain books, magazines etc. are available only for reference in the library. They are not to be taken outside the library.
  4. No tracing or marking on any book is allowed as books may be damaged in the process. Any damage caused will have to be made good by the student concerned.
  5. All articles not pertaining to the library should be kept outside the library.
  6. Library hours :
    Class days    :    09.00 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.
                              12.30 p.m. to 02.30 p.m.

Laboratory Rules

  1. Students should use the lab coat in the laboratory during science practical. (White short sleeve collared, knee length lab coat made of thick cotton material).
  2. Keep all apparatus, lab table neat and clean.
  3. Add reagents in proportionate amounts. That is the key to success.
  4. Keep the reagents stopper, do not change the stoppers of the bottles and also do not disturb the arrangement on the shelf. Keep the reagents at their proper places.
  5. Do not throw broken glass pieces, match sticks, filter paper etc. in the sink. Throw them in the waste box kept for the purpose.
  6. Shake the test tubes while heating; do not throw hot concentrated acids, specially concentrated Sulphuric acid.
  7. Pass hydrogen sulphide gas slowly in the solution. It is a very poisonous gas. Do not leave the gas stopper open.
  8. Strict silence in the laboratory is essential for concentration and successful scientific work.
  9. A student who has no lab-coat will not be admitted into the laboratory.

Computer Rules

  1. Computer lab is a place of learning and serious work. For this 'Silence' is a very necessary element. OBSERVE STRICT SILENCE.
  2. Dust is the greatest enemy of the computer. REMOVE SHOES BEFORE ENTERING THE ROOM. WEAR CLEAN SOCKS.
  3. Take nothing into the computer room without the prior permission of the teacher. No floppies/C.Ds or pen drives are to be brought to the Computer Room.
  4. The computer is a complicated electronic instrument which is learned through instruction and operation. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTION OF THE TEACHER CAREFULLY.
  5. The computer is a very delicate and expensive machine. Damage must be paid for by the student concerned. REPORT IMMEDIATELY ANY KIND OF DEFECT OR DAMAGE, SO THAT PROMPT ACTION MAY BE TAKEN AND THE MACHINE IS AVAILABLE FOR THE NEXT USER.